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“The level of excellence my pastors show and teach is beyond all others. I am glad to be apart of this wonderful ministry. My leaders have not only preached the way the truth and the life but they live it and I cant say that about to many people. This ministry has helped me become the woman I am today. I am not perfect for no man is but im striving daily to become more like christ. I am a young singled parent and they make sure they go out of their way to encourage me and keep me motivated. Theyve instilled wisdom and knowledge of the word of God into myself and my son. I couldnt have asked God for better leaders, so today FIRST  Thank you Lord But thanks Bishop and Pastor Jones!”
Your daughter in ministry,
Courtney Johnson
Hi Bishop Jones, Hopefully this email reaches you!I do not remember the scripture reference from sunday, but I do remember the topic "No quick fixes." That is so true. Today is the third day of my internship and this concept is proven to be true. I know that God requires us all to work for what we desire. This internship is going to be a challenge, but I am up fo the challenge. Everyday especially today I realized that there will be "no quick fixes" in my success. Sometimes I can be so lazy and impatient because things aren't happening as fast as I would like them to, but I am learning to be at rest, at peace, and content. I have never been at such a peaceful place. I usually struggle with depression or anxiety attacks/episodes even when things are going great (I don't know why, I just do most people don't know), but I love what faith, patience, hope, peace and most importantly love feels like with God.I realized that my relationship with God will not grow by a "quick fix." It will take time and patience and perserverance. Please pray for me while I am here.Also, I am asking the media ministry prepare a cd for me with the sermons I miss (I will remind my mom to ask for the cds each week from the media ministry such that she may be able to mail it to me). I will pay for them in advance on sunday. I want to hear the word each week to stay in pace with what your preaching and teaching from week to week. Moreover, this sunday's sermon blessed me a whole lot and I am sure it will continue to bless me.
 Here's a little prayer for you:Dear God,You are so wonderfully great! I thank you for my Pastor, Bishop Jones. I pray that you continue to give him the revelation of your word. He is your vessel Lord. I pray that he's stays in the faith and encouraging others to do the same; always remaining a man of wisdom with a humble spirit amd contrite heart. Please Lord God encourage his spirit and take care of what he needs and desires. Bless his family Lord, that they may become stronger in advancing your kingdom and continue to grow as believers. I thank you for placing Bishop Jones and his family in my life Lord and I pray that you bless them tremendously for ever and ever. God I love You and trust that You will honor my requests. In Jesus Name,Amen 
With love,
Sis India Jacobs 
Greetings Family Life, As a former member I just wanted to let you know that Family Life has blessed my life in so many ways. I have attended numberous services and being enriched by the teaching of Pastor and First Lady. You both will forever be in my heart. Thanks and God Bless, Bruce M. Hudson
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